This is the story about Sophie, who is the young wife of the goldsmith. Rumors, that she may use witchcraft, are getting louder in the village. A wench named Mathilda contends, that Sophie asked her about buying a witches’ broom. Sophie is brought to the witches tower, where the Inquisitor debriefs her about the accusation. He is sure, that Sophie must be innocent, especially as her father is one of the greatest donators in town for the inquisitorial church. So Sophie is guaranteed, that she can leave the dungeon on the next day. But strange things happen this night. Sophie becomes the victim of an black-hearted intrique! There is abother witness, a fellow named Johann, who absolutely insists, that he saw Sophie flying in the air, riding a witches’ broom! Now the Inquisitor is required by law to interrogate Sophie more strictly about the strong suspicion. As she refuses, her clothes are ripped off and they continue by the use of a barbed reel and pincers before she is bound to a bench for further examination deep within her cunt. There the reverend mother finds a black secretion which could be caused by riding a broom. Another painful examination is prepared to find out if Sophie is able to fly like the witches do. She has to ride the witches’ broom while being tortured, slapped and whipped by wet rags. If she is a witch, she will try to escape from this horrible pain, then she surely would fly – which would be a proof, that she uses witchcraft. Only a righteous and innocent girl will be able to stand the pain. Does Sophie?

See like a devils whore is riding a witches’ broom!
She is beaten by ‘wind and rain’ until she confesses to her sins!

Interrogatio 40

Interrogatio Medieval Torture of Witches

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