The young stable maid Luise fails to milk the squires cow for several days now. The squire in his grace tries to teach her by milking her tits, but with no success. Things become worse as the squire himself fails to ejaculate after the maid has touched his dick. This could be witchery! So Luise is accused to be a witch and brought to the witchfinders castle. To find out where she has hidden the cows milk and the squires sperm, the judges decide that the wench has to stand severel painful treatments. Steam is piped into her cunt to find out if she is virgin or not. Her tits and nipples are pressed and squeezed by screws as they are looking for the stolen milk. She is deeply fucked by a wooden pile to find out where she has hidden the sperm and she is beaten severely while being bound at the torture chair, until she promises to revoke her evil spell. After all the squire demands a special procedure to test if she is suitable any longe to serve as a stable maid. She has to carry a heavy milk can along a special course while her cunt is tortured by a rough rope, hot wax and finally flames.

In this video you become witness of the strange historical methods to reveal the mystery of feminity. They do anything to disgrace and violate her.

Interrogatio 36

Interrogatio Medieval Torture of Witches

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