Forage has been stolen again and again from the stables of the squire Maximilian. As his guards are not able to find out who is the thief, it is supposed that a witch is responsible for the thievery – one who is able to take the shape of different animals for camouflage. And indeed, one day the ragged wench Mathilda is found in the stable as she tries to get some carrots. The bedraggled wench is arrested and brought to the witches tower for examination. Several tests should help to find out if she really is able to take an animals shape. But first her hairy cunt must be shaved well. The old scriptures say that a witch who is suspected to be able to take the shape of an animal – an animal witch – must be treated like this animal to initiate the transformation. So the judges start to treat her as a dog to find out more about her abilities. Mathilda must stand the worst humiliation and the most painful treatment during this exercise. But there is no success at all. The judges now suspect the witch to have trespassed the stables in the shape of a mare. So she has to wear a horse harness bevor her naked body is scrubbed by a currycomb. She is caned before they try to milk her breasts. After all, she keeps being the vile witch she is. Then a special machine is delivered by the carpenter, which allows the judges to fuck the witch hard and nonstop with a wooden cock. They want to find out if she has been in the stables in shape of a rabbit. The witch is crying when her cunt is fucked until it is raw and excoriated!

Interrogatio 35

Interrogatio Medieval Torture of Witches

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